Submission Data

The data tables are named ‘wp_fm_data_(form ID #)’, and the form ID can be found in the URL for editing a form, ‘(admin url)?page=fm-edit-form&id=1‘. You can find the form’s data table name under ‘wp_fm_forms’, under the column ‘data_table’.

Form Items

The ‘wp_fm_items’ table stores the specification of each item in every form. The column ‘ID’ corresponds to the *form* ID (Confusing, but that’s how it works right now). The column ‘unique_name’ corresponds to the field name in that form’s data table. The column ‘nickname’ is the nickname you can give the item in ‘Form Extra’ in the form editor. As long as the ‘unique_name’ entry for a form item corresponds to the field name in the form’s data table, everything is fine.

Nicknames & Unique Names

The entry for ‘unique_name’ in the wp_fm_items table must be the same as the field name in the data table. Nicknames are stored in the wp_fm_items table. These are not gauranteed to be unique across all forms.

The unique names are generated on line 791 of db.php (as of 1.6.25), in a function called ‘getUniqueItemID’. The only argument, $type, is just the slug for the item type (something like ‘text’, ‘textarea’, ‘checkbox’, etc. ).