Form Manager integrates into the Members plugin (apparently there are two – use the one by Justin Tadlock), allowing you to customize which parts of the plugin are available to which user roles.  Form manager provides the following capabilities, which can be turned on or off using the Members plugin:

  • form_manager_main – access to the main form manager page (the list of forms).
  • form_manager_forms – the form editor
    • form_manager_delete_forms – Allow deletion of forms.  You must have form_manager_forms enabled.
    • form_manager_add_forms – Allow addition of forms.  You must have form_manager_forms enabled.
    • form_manager_nicknames – access to the ‘Nicknames’ tab
    • form_manager_conditions – access to the ‘Conditions’ tab
    • form_manager_forms_advanced – the form editor’s ‘Advanced’ tab
    • form_manager_data– the form’s ‘Submission Data’ tab
      • form_manager_data_options – the column options box (as of 1.6.0)
      • form_manager_data_summary – view data summaries (as of 1.6.0)
      • form_manager_data_summary_edit – allow the ‘edit’ mode when viewing a data summary (as of 1.6.0)
      • form_manager_data_csv – show the ‘CSV download’ button
      • form_manager_data_csv_all – Allow the option to download all fields, including hidden ones.
      • form_manager_edit_data – Allow editing of submission data.  You must have form_manager_data enabled.
      • form_manager_delete_data – Allow deletion of submission data.  You must have form_manager_data enabled.
  • form_manager_settings – access to ‘Settings’, the general settings for Form Manager
  • form_manager_settings_advanced – access to the ‘Advanced Settings’ page for Form Manager

Submission Data Page (‘Options’ box)

You can also restrict the ability to view / edit columns on the data page. By adding a capability under ‘Show capability’, only users with this capability will be able to view that column. However, the corresponding ‘Show’ checkbox must be checked for anybody to view the column. The functionality for the ‘Edit capability’ is the same; the ‘Edit’ box must be checked, and users must have the specified capability.